TBT: East 8th Street ADU

For Throwback Thursday, we ran across one of our early projects from 2003, a small project with a lot of big ideas. Designed for a site next to a beautifully restored 19th century home in East Austin, this accessory dwelling unit (ADU), sometimes called a "granny flat" mixes offers multiple functions within its modest envelope. ADUs have become very popular in Austin in recent years as the price of housing in Central Austin has risen along with the demand.

On the ground floor of the ADU is a garage accessed from an alley. On the other side, the building opens up with sliding barn doors toward a lap pool which is shielded from the street below. A set of open stairs leads to a small loft-style apartment above. Cantilevered steel outriggers support a balcony with views of the skyline. Steel brackets support a shady overhang. The ADU strikes a stylistic balance between the historic homes of the Guadalupe neighborhood and the industrial areas along the nearby railroad tracks. Traditional and modern materials are mixed together as part of a unique hybrid aesthetic.

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